Set in Amber: Gods

Common Understanding


  • Gods are discrete things or entities, each with their own realms, and they are sometimes at war with or allied with others, with or without overlapping realms.
  • Gods can use magic.
  • Amber makes treaties with places, and usually King Bleys talks to their gods separately.


  • Gods are magical beings, connected at a base level to their realms, which are an extention of them.
  • A god may have several aspects - a god of Thunder may be Thor in one world and Zeus in another.
  • Gods can be in more than one place at the same time.
  • Gods have true names, but names are changeable things, and so as the god changes, the name will too.
  • A god can be bound in various ways, none of them easy.
  • Oberon's more talented children are at a level to strive with gods, but might not win, depending on circumstances. Starting PCs should be able to survive a god's passing attention, and mature PCs based around godlike themes should be able to do far more.


God-based religions

  • Amber allows shrines, but no chapels or churches to gods.
  • Most shadows have at least one god, and most gods have many many temples.
  • Religious practices vary wildly thoughout shadow, with a few constants
  • Amber makes trade treaties with places and divine, powers-based treaties with gods

The Unicorn

  • The Unicorn is not thought of as a God, nor generally referred to as one. (OOC knowledge: The Unicorn is not a God.)
  • Worship of the Unicorn is popular in Amber, but not mandatory. Active temples of things other than the Unicorn in Amber will be dealt with efficiently, firmly, and with disappearances.
  • The Unicorn is taken as a fact, more like a prophet than a god.
  • Some say treaties with gods are made with or by the Unicorn's power

Magic and Miracles

Godly Magic

  • Gods can use their realm rather like humans can move a limb
  • In theory, a god's magic is limited only by the power/size of its realm, all that it can claim of its own theme or thing.
  • In practice, no god is without competition - there are many sea gods, many fire gods. Sometimes even aspects compete with each other.
  • A god's power is also held in check by how much focus it can bring to bear on a thing/place.
  • Shadow and Reality both have a weight or inertia that stops gods from coming together easily
  • Altars can be used to focus a god's magic and personality. Most human minds cannot bear the touch of gods, but there are certain people, oracles, who can also be used as a focus.
  • It is far, far harder for gods to manifest in Amber than elsewhere.


  • A Priest of the Unicorn is a channeler of the basic power of the universe.
  • Unlike a mage or a sorceror, a Priest can magically affect the world without directly touching it
  • Priests generally work through tools that are holy, and they call their works Miracles
  • Miracles only work where there is faith.

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